Google Awareness API For Android

Awareness API Google introduced this API in  2016 Google I/O Event. Awareness API is very interesting and give you a chance to enable the rich feature to your application with just a few lines of code.

 Awareness API creates a bridge between the physical world and Android mobile phone device for example with this API. this help to build more assistive and context-based application .following are few examples

Building Workout Mobile Application: with help of awareness API device can identify the user Activity. whether he is running or walking. even its possible to play favourite workout music automatically while doing the workout.Building Attendance Based on GEO fence: Mark attendance when the device reaches a specific predefined Location with help of a device GEO Fence feature in Awareness API.A restaurant application could start a user’s favorite order when they get within a specific distance of the restaurant.An alarm clock app that has a smart snooze which continues to go off if th…

Some of The Best Practices for Professional Android Developers

In this article, we are going to discuss best practices for an android developer.let us Sart with Components
Components that are used by the Android system to pass information and display data to the user. Specifically, you learn about Intents, Activities, and Fragments.

 IntentsAndroid Intent lets you navigate from one android activity to anotherIntents are a way of telling Android what you want to do.In other words, you describe your intention. Intents can be used to signal to the Android system that a certain event has occurred. Other components in Android can register to this event via an intent filter.
You use an Intent to inform the system that you want to start something. You can think of it exactly as it sounds: letting the system know what your intent is.
Following are 2 types of intents Explicit IntentsAn explicit Intent requires that you specify the component you want by using a fully qualified class name. For example, you can use an Intent that calls com.mycompany.MyActivity.…

IOT The Internet Of Things. The Next Big Thing after Cloud Computing

Imagine the world so connected. when you to leave for work, your car heats up by itself to ensure you have a cosy comfortable ride, Enroute your car monitors your drive and can alert you of possible routes for traffic jams or any speeding vehicles coming your way. As you park your car in the office basement, your desktop boots up and the coffee machine has your cappuccino ready. guys, it's not a sci-fi movie or star wars serious it Called IOT (The Internet Of Things) internet on the thing finally it's happening.

Simply put, this is the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other). This includes everything from cell phones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of. this works with help of different type of sensors and electronics devices like Arduino modules

Today I am gonna tell you a little bit about Arduino. it's a is an open-source electron…

Firebase example in Android

Firebase is a mind blowing technology  developed by's is a cloud services.which have lot's of features .
In this article let's get start with Realtime Database Feature of Firebase.

Realtime Database Firebase Database supports android ,ios and web  platforms . its a cloud storage non-sql database technique  . data's are stored as JSON .synced across connected devices in milliseconds, and available when your app goes offline. that means data transmission between server and client will be more faster than before . if change any vlaue  in database . for example customer name or age. it will appear on client screen Real time( with out any delay) or no need to refresh the page.

in this Article i show you some basics of Firebase  in android with the help of small application .its very easy to use firebase with android . 
Create a new Project in your android studio if everything is okey . Right click on app folder Open module Settings>Cloud and tick on firebase ch…

Use android Vollely library . it helps networking calls much easier, faster

Android volley is a networking library was introduced to make networking calls much easier, faster without writing tons of code.its very easy and faster.

  how volley helps your application.? this are the benefits of volley

Automatic scheduling of network requests.Multiple concurrent network connections.Transparent disk and memory response caching with standard HTTP cache coherence.Support for request prioritization.Cancellation request API. You can cancel a single request, or you can set blocks or scopes of requests to cancel.Ease of customization, for example, for retry and backoff.Strong ordering that makes it easy to correctly populate your UI with data fetched asynchronously from the network.Debugging and tracing tools.
So let's Start build our application ...! App screen shot:

Create a Project I named it Volley_example.Now quickly create two packages named app and helper.Create your colour xml file in values => colour.xml 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf…

How to Install and configure CakePHP ..?

CakePHP is a free, open-source, rapid development framework for PHP . its very easy and very powerfully tool for web application development .

In my experience after learning Cakephp i feel awesome :D  .i could write easy , structured and secure  php code .  Requirements
Before Starting Installation and Configure .we need to understated Basic requirements of Cakephp . i listed following

Apache Server - i choose WamppServer software it include all servers we required (Apache ,mysql) Database - you can use MySQL ,sql server, sqllite and PLsql what ever but .i choose MySQL server IDE (Netbeans ,Dream Viewer etc)- i choose Netbeans Download Cakephp framework  from here i choose version 2.7.8Debug_Kit - download from . -DebugKit provides a debugging toolbar and enhanced debugging tools for CakePHP applications.

unzip Downloaded cake php folder then copy to localhost (C:\wamp\www\[here name of…

Create Round Floating ActionMenu in Android.

Here I going to teach you how to use floating action button in your android application . this will help you to build rich GUI Menu in your application. Actually we have two ways to do  .one is create a  Floatlayout then write code your self .this is a hard way to create flating round menu .here I am going to teach you very simple and easy way to do.
we have lots of library in github to do this. following is the one which we are going to create in our application 

for Create this menu your API level should be greater  than 15 (API >= 15) 
now we start to create this ,menu by following steps

Add following dependencies in your Gradle Scripts >    build.gradle(Module:app)  then  Press the Sync button 
 dependencies {
    compile 'com.oguzdev:CircularFloatingActionMenu:1.0.2'
} this library automatically download by your android studio after add this dependencies your code will be look like this

apply plugin: ''
android {
    compileSdkVersion 23